About Us





About Olimp-U.V.



    Olimp-U.V. is a national real estate agency with a long experience in real estate trade. Since 1993 we have been offering our clients a full range of services related to real estate transactions.  We made it a rule not only to provide brokerage and consultancy services but to have an individual approach to every client and help them bring their ideas to a successful end. However, our primary objective is to present an ample choice of possibilities to our clients when they are to take the very important decision to sell, buy or rent real estate property.



 Our system

    Since our development follows the dynamic market progress, we developed our own system of work and it turned into one of our major competitive advantages. We distributed the different regions and the specific services among our teams and thus we gave them the opportunity to specialize in the corresponding area. This approach quickly proved its effectiveness and was adopted by many big companies in the real estate business.


Our team

    In order to guarantee a top-quality standard of service to our clients we build our teams of highly qualified and motivated young people with professional attitude to their work and the Agency’s clients. On admittance every member of the staff is being additionally trained and thus we ensure the continuity of our unique method of operation.


Our goal 


    Our objective is to prove that a good deal on the real estate market comes not as a piece of luck but as a result of the efforts of a dedicated professional team. Our wish is that all clients who come to us with great expectations and high demands, after having worked successfully with Olimp-U.V. will have even higher standards for a job well done and will come back to Olimp-U.V. for a next real estate transaction or just for a good piece of advice. We strongly believe that satisfied long-term clients are our best publicity - therefore at Olimp-U.V. we are constantly aiming at increasing both the quality of our work and the range of our services. We hope the new Internet site of Olimp-U.V. is a also a step in that direction - to facilitate the communication with our clients, and to offer a faster search in the continuously updated database as well as to give them the opportunity to receives the most recent and attractive proposals by e-mail.