About Us






When we started business in 1993, we were guided by the desire to establish new standards of quality of services on the real estate market and to set up a dedicated professional team with an open and equitable approach to customers. Together we developed our innovative method and organized our activities so as to have a specialized team for each particular kind of task and every region.


In 2001 we divided Sofia in four major sections. As a result our agents were motivated to become real experts in their area and to provide extensive and comprehensive information on their listings. In 2003 two more separate offices - "Bulgaria" and "Construction plots" were opened. That gave a new drive to our staff to gather valuable experience in the specific and more complex activities usually involved with such real estate transactions - getting into contact with construction companies and official state institutions.


 Today our seven teams include about 100 specialists in the field of real estate transactions and law of estate. The wide range of experts and the clear structure of the company enable us to daily update our considerable database while still remaining in touch with the numerous clients of Olimp-U.V.


 The fact that our professional consultancy is being sought after by many Bulgarian and foreign investors, by Real Estate Investment Trusts and banks which are in constant need of precise and updated information on the price of land and real property is in itself a token of recognition of our professionalism and the quality of our work.


 In order to facilitate even further our clients we refined on our Internet site and especially the quick search of real estate properties and services hence providing full access to the whole database and many possibilities for easy search upon preliminary set criteria. We also gathered all the information one might be interested in as a potential seller, buyer or investor.


Today we feel closer to our goal than ever before. Despite the rapid growth rates, we continue to strive to preserve what has been motivating us for the last 15 years - the respectful and honest approach to every client and the individually tailored services. Because we do not forget that at the root of every successful deal, apart from a lot of skills, knowledge and efforts, there lies something essential - mutual trust.