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Buying property with a bank loan


The decision to buy a home is an important event in one’s life. It is essential to proceed to it being positive and confident that one has made the right choice both about the residence and about the financing of the purchase.


Currently, our banking system offers various opportunities, the competition between the banks maintaining the terms of the loans and mortgages relatively advantageous for the client. Before taking a decision one should study and assess as many as possible offers from different banks. Most loans cover about 90% of the price of housing. The customers are to choose between loans in BGN or in Euro; loans with Income-tax statement or without such statement (usually with a higher interest rate). One should also pay attention to all other clauses of the credit contract besides the rate of interest - different administrative taxes, or even the terms of insurance of the newly acquired real estate property.   


To find more easily your way in the various loan and mortgage opportunities offered by Bulgarian banks, you are advised to refer to the summary information and compare the terms of different banks here. After having made your choice, you can fully rely on our assistance in the course of the preparation of all documents necessary for loan or mortgage acquisition. For our mission is not only to facilitate for you the process of buying your residence, but that you as our client obtain the most favourable and advantageous terms.