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Take the right decision with Olimp-U.V.

Take the right decision with OLIMP-U.V.


    You can always find information about topical offers on your own, but our brokers would do that for you promptly and professionally, providing detailed information, expert analysis of realty market, and helpful advice.


    The purchase and the sale of real property usually involve important financial means and therefore when taking decision for such a transaction, the preliminary research, the precision of details, the absolute transparency and the judicial correctness of the agreement are of crucial importance. We can provide professional consultants who would assist you with relevant information and advice at every stage of the trade.


    Our brokers have at their disposal a comprehensive database covering about  90 to 100 percent of all offers available on the real estate market in their target area. They will give you professional advice based on unbiased evaluation of every offer and consistent with your personal preferences, paying attention to all details however indiscernible for the non-professionals.


    Each of our teams includes consultants and coordinators responsible for the daily updating of the offers thus guaranteeing the reliability of the information. They will also keep a close watch on every stage of the transaction and are in charge of the perfect coordination between the separate teams.


     Our legal advisers will help you provide all the documents needed for the transaction, they guarantee the exactitude of all the papers during the deal and will prepare the preliminary agreement that validates the intentions of the two parties and settles all controversial points.



Save time and efforts with OLIMP-U.V.



    If you want to conclude the best bargain without having to be a real estate professional, then you can call on our team and we can blaze your trail to success. Everything that might seem a problem to you will be a challenge for our professionals and they will take it with pleasure.


     So please, do not hesitate to share with us your highest demands - that will give us the opportunity once again to prove our highly recognized professionalism.