23.01.2013 What exactly provides Act Realtors

The Bill of Realtors was officially discussed at a meeting organized by the National Association "Properties" (NSF) and representatives of the National Assembly, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, employers and professional organizations. Throughout most of 2012 it only spoke, but the project was officially posted on NSF website a few days ago.

The main points in the draft

The project is written that "broker" is a real estate agent and "agent" is an agent intermediary. This change of names will confuse imposed over the past 20 years in the public understanding of what a real estate broker.

The law, if adopted, in the form in which it is prepared, and provides all real estate agents must have insurance "Professional Responsibility", the minimum thresholds set by the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers.

Another requirement for brokers after each order is a property that has been granted for the sale or rental, to write the report, which must be signed by the customer or its agent and which protocol is an integral part of the contract.

The deal, real estate agencies concluded for exclusive rights for the sale or rental of a property may not be for a term exceeding one year. Also, an agency that no agreement with the owner can not sell his property.

The draft also says that "minimum wages for different types of brokerage services is determined by the Ordinance on minimum prices of services, which is issued by the Council of Ministers, on a proposal from the National Association of Realtors."

The main requirement for those who want to pursue that occupation must have valid documents for obtaining tertiary qualifications "real estate brokers".

Flaws in bill

The Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism (MEET) objected to some of the tests. "I noticed that talking about minimum wages, which to me is clearly contrary to the directive on services in the internal market. It is also not clear how the activity would be carried out by brokers who are authorized to carry out such activities in another Member State. Services Directive considers two cases - the temporary provision of such services and establishment, ie how will be approached by the other Member State which wishes to carry this constant activity in Bulgaria, "said Silvana Lyubenova - Chief Directorate" Technical Harmonisation and Consumer Policy "to MEET.

The Chamber of Notaries and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce approved the adoption of such legislation. Attend a meeting of MPs also support a similar bill, but if it is not submitted to the National Assembly by the end of February, likely to be passed by this parliament is minimal and need to be more precise text that will take time. Thus, in practice, the early autumn can expect Brokering be formally regulated.

From NSF recalled that the bill is being prepared nearly four years of working committee to the Association. Similar legislation has in many European countries such as Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Italy.

"The main reason for the creation of such a law is not the desire to close the market for a number of companies, or to establish a cartel. We are led by great public interest, because you know that the topic of real estate fraud in relation to unprofessional brokers harm to the users of our services are discussed almost every day and always when it comes to real estate fraud accusations initially aimed at Realtors. We fought not only the interest of the industry, which has long sought to have some clear rules and fair competition in the job, but also the interests of the users of this service "said Teodora again Spark, Vice-Chairman of the NSF .