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04.04.2013 Grants for insulation with EU funds increased to 75% of the cost

The grant for the renovation of homes with European money in the "Bulgarian Energy renovation of homes" will be increased to 75% of the cost of designing repair itself works, supervision and implementation of the fee for the building in operation, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (Works).
Managing Authority of Operational Programme "Regional Development", money which funded the project, started the procedure in which the increase will be approved grant funding for the programming period 2007 -2013 year.

We recall that currently rules for renovation of buildings with European funds provide owners of buildings that are approved for the renovation project "Energy renovation of Bulgarian homes" to receive a grant in the amount of 50% of the cost of renovation .

The remaining 50% of the required amount owners had to provide their own personal resources, means a condominium or loan, including a loan from the Fund for housing renovation, which at low interest rates to fund owners who can not provide their own complicity in their payment of repairs.

The change, however, owners will now have to provide 25 percent of the total cost of the repair.

By the Office recall the technical survey, technical passport and audit energy efficiency are fully covered by the grant.

Last week it became clear that the amount of the grant for the renovation of residential buildings with European money can be raised. This was agreed Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Ekaterina Zechariah in Zechariah's visit to Brussels.