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23.01.2013 Walks ecommerce platform with agricultural land

Agricultural land can be traded and leased the Internet through a new online portal, which functions as a platform for trading. Sales and lease can be done both through auctions and through ordinary single transaction manager explained the portal Anton Andonov. Purchase, sale and rental of lands platform can only be made by registered agents in it. They will be assessed through a rating system and additional control over the activity on the site will carry a special ethics committee, said Andonov. Transactions and auctions taking place through the portal will be made on the basis of rules prepared by lawyers as the Bulgarian legislation still lacks regulation for such trade. Intermediaries are able to publish their standard offers buy and sell or auction organized English, Dutch or closed. With the introduction of tenders and contracts is not possible to edits. If a firm wants to change its bid, the bidder should withdraw it and then make a new one, it is available to all participants in the platform. The buyer is the only person who can confirm a deal, but only after reviewing the documentation for the property. Confirmed deals have the platform nature of binding for both parties (buyer and seller or tenant and owner), and they plan to have the power of pre-contract. Andonov said he also plans to calculate indices which reflect the prices and rents of agricultural market as a whole and the various parts of the country. Expectations are the most active trading is to land in northern Bulgaria, as well as in areas southeast of the country.