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The confidence in the real property sector will be restored soon

On 20 Feb. in Sofia Kempinski-Zografski hotel was held the local conference BalREAct - Reaction to Crisis. The concept for this event is a reaction to the dynamic changes in the economic situation in Bulgaria and the world. The conference is a platform of the business for discussion of the real market situation, its main issues and solutions in the sector for the few years to come. Among the subjects were analysis of the macro environment - legislation, investments, finances, real property, investments encouragement, local authorities role, public-private partnership and administrative services, housing policy, taxation and incentives, credit policy, real property market and price - quality ratio. The confidence in the real property sector will be restored soon and Bulgaria will become an attractive destination after the western economies recover. The key is to focus not only on today but on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. The rate of savings of the population of 15% of the GDP in Bulgaria will help the country go back to normal after the end of the crisis faster than the other East-European economies, the forecast for 2009 is 0.8% GDP growth. This was said by Bozhidar Neychev from PriceWaterhouseCoopers at the opening of the event.

Source: Stroitelstvo Gradat Online